About Ernest McCreight Photography


Fortunately there is still a skill and art form in creating great photographs which make the viewer stop to have a good look at a photograph and wonder  how the photographer  managed to find such wonderful light or marvell at the beautiful 'candid' pictures which  the photographer  effortlessly arranged.

Prior to the digital age I shot all my weddings with Hasselblad cameras which were the industry standard at the time and the large square negatives produced beautiful crisp enlargements. Then I was greatly influenced by the beautiful wedding photography of Monte Zucker and Clay Blackmore, and the innovative lighting techniques by the wonderfully talented  Dean Collins, who sadly was taken from us at a very early age.

In those pre digital days every couple purchased a wedding album to preserve those precious memories. The photographer kept the negatives, unlike today where people want and expect to have the digital files, which is fine, it's the age we live in.

The problem now is how do we preserve those digital images. My lab no longer prints from the negatives I shot with my  Hasselblad camera. I remember long playing records or LP's, eight track music tapes, Walkmann cassette tapes, VHS video tapes, and now we have CD discs which are being displaced with on line downloaded music.

The only medium which has lasted over the centuries is books and a beautifully crafted and designed coffee table wedding book, with the way technology is progressing, is the way to preserve those precious memories.

Our Magazine albums and Image Art Books will be around and displayed  many years from now.

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